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'The Queerest Show on Earth' from New York Magazine (Sept 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
не совсем про Рэнди, точнее совсем не только о Рэнди
но это первая статья из того, что мне попадалось, где о нем сказано довольно много.
upd: перевод на русский queerasfolk-rus.livejournal.com/110622.html

'The Queerest Show on Earth' from New York Magazine
by Charles Kaiser - courtesy of Teri Vogel; [in the Sept 8th, 2000 issue]

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Most people who know about the new production assumed that it would be toned down after word leaked out that Showtime had decided to age the youngest character from 15 to 17. But the producers have figured out how to have it both ways on the age issue: To fill the youngest role, they found a blond newcomer named Randy Harrison who looks about 14 even though he's about to celebrate his 23rd birthday. Harrison graduated from the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music last March, did a single showcase in New York, found an agent, and landed the role of a lifetime last summer. Queer As Folk is the very first time he's ever been in front of a camera, and the director is already calling him "the two-take wonder."

As a member of Generation Y, Harrison felt little hesitation about announcing that he was gay. "I knew that if I ever were to become famous, I would be myself. I've had a boyfriend for three and a half years. I'm proud of that."

Unlike the character he plays, Harrison is a stranger to the gay club scene -- he never even bothered to go to the gym until he landed this role. On the other hand, he wasn't the least bit intimidated by the sex scenes, although he did find it tedious to have to fake so many orgasms "over and over and over again." He says he's warned his parents about what to expect, but "I don't think they believe it entirely. They keep saying, 'Well, they can't show anything too bad on TV.' And I keep saying, 'It's going to surprise you.' "

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'Daring to be Queer as Folk' from The Advocate ( November 21st, 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
еще одна статься из совсем ранних, до выхода пилота

'Daring to be Queer as Folk' from The Advocate
by Dennis Hensley; reprint text courtesy of Kevin Hewell; [published in the November 21st, 2000 issue]
An exclusive uncut & uncensored look behind the scenes on location with Showtime's big, bad, gay bombshell.

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More comfortable with that process, it seems, is 22 year-old Randy Harrison, making his TV debut as Justin, who's newly out and just fine with it. "The most challenging scenes aren't the most sexually provocative," shrugs the actor, who landed the part at his professional New York audition. "So far I've done a rimming scene, a hand-job scene, and several sex scenes, and those are easy. It's just moaning and getting in weird positions. The hard scenes are the emotional ones - like there's one in a therapist's office where I say to my mother, 'I like dick. I like getting fucked by dick, and I"m good at it too.' That was kind of hard."

It's lunchtime, and Harrison is leading the way through the gorgeously appointed set that is Brian's loft apartment, where a good deal of his aforementioned weird positions were executed. "This is my favorite part of the set, because the water comes down like a waterfall," he says, gesturing to Brian's five sided stainless steel and glass shower. "But it keeps changing temperature. We had to cut a million times during the sex scene, because it got really hot."

But then, as one of the show's two openly gay cast members, Harrison seems more than capable of handling the heat. "I'm aware of the dangers and repercussions [of being out]," says the Atlanta native, who has a boyfriend of 3½ years, a fellow actor he met while studying drama at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. "The way I see it, if I'm not true to myself, it doesn't matter what else I'm doing. There's enough bullshit in this business. I don't really need to add any of my own."

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'Boy Meets Queer World' from TV Guide (November 20th, 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
(Nov 2000) 'Boy Meets Queer World' from TV Guide
by Michael Ausiello; courtesy of Tony; [published in the November 20th, 2000 issue]

Theater-trained actor Randy Harrison makes his television debut with Showtime's provocative new series Queer as Folk — and what an initiation it is. In the pilot episode, airing Dec. 3 on the cable network, the newcomer's 17-year-old alter ego, Justin, loses his virginity with a 29-year-old in a scene so sexually explicit that even the predominantly gay audience at last week's premiere screening in New York were squirming in their seats.

"It actually wasn't as much of an adjustment as I thought it would be," Harrison tells TV Guide Online of his transition from the stage to the small screen. "The cast is amazing and it's such a great environment up in Toronto (where Queer is shot). We all get along really well, which you sort of have to given the intimate nature of a lot of the stuff that we have to do. It's been really idyllic."

Although Queer as Folk delivers on its promise to be as racy as the British series on which it is based, Harrison points out that the show is not all skin and no substance. "If it were badly written, then I wouldn't have wanted to do it," he admits, "but the characters are so well written you want to play them."

Case in point: While the much talked about one-night stand between Justin and resident man-eater Brian (Gale Harold) may be graphic, it triggers a major awakening for Harrison's sheltered character. "It completely shakes him up," he says. "He's sort of thrown into this whole new world and quickly learns to adapt and play the game. It's really great to watch him become empowered and become more confident."

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'Queer as F*ck' from XY Magazine (Nov 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
'Queer as F*ck' from XY Magazine xymag.com/blog/
by Benjie Nycum; courtesy of dicaprio69; [published in the November 2000 issue]

Justin is 17, He goes to a private school in Pittsburgh. He has wild sex with 29-year-old Brian-- on television. And that's just the beginning of Showtime TV's new series Queer as Folk.

Queer as Folk is a scorching hot new series based on the runaway successful British version. Now the show's been made America, moved from Manchester to Pittsburgh, and everybody's favorite blonde hottie 15 yo Nathan Maloney has become 17yo Justin. The part is played by the real-life Randy Harrison, who-- though he's 22-- could easily pass for 15. In the first episode, to air Dec 3, Justin has his first sexual encounter with the 29yo Brian, which changes his life. He's smitten and develops an emotional attachment, but both of them are really after the sex. And unusually for American TV, they get it. This attachment is complicated by Brian's friend Michael [who always loved Brian.] Of course-- we saw this coming didn't we?-- Michael starts to reset Justin, and one can only image the delicious drama unfolding from there.
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Showing and Telling with Folk Cast (Nov 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
'Showing and Telling with Folk Cast' from Chicago's Windy City Times
by Lawrence Ferber; courtesy of Occam's Razor; [published in the November 22nd, 2000 issue]

перевод queerasfolkrus.borda.ru/?1-0-120-00000074-000-0...

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One of the most talked-about things when it came the UK version was its first episode's explicit love scene between Stuart and Nathan. And even more specifically, the bit where Stuart licks the yummy lad's butt, teaching him the joys of rimming. I was pleased to see they kept that for the Showtime version between Brian and Justin. Did you two rehearse it?

RH: "There is no rehearsal necessary for butt lick."

Were you neurotic about being fresh down there?

RH: "No, actually I was very clean. I always am for the sex scenes, you never want to smell or anything. It's true;you never know where someone's head is going to be."

How DID Randy's butt taste, Gale?

GH: "Salty. He's a fairly hygenic person I would think. Not like saltines, more like a neck. A little cumin I guess."

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"2 Atlantans Taking a Chance on 'Queer'' The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Dec 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
"2 Atlantans Taking a Chance on 'Queer'' from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
by Drew Jubera; courtesy of Teri Vogel; [published December 8th, 2000]

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Q: You mean that first sex scene with Randy?

A: Harold: I'll never forget that. It's unfathomable how important that experience was. I was pushed to the limit. We both read the sсript, knew what it was about and both decided to do it. Once we committed, there was no time to be nervous. It was just, "Go." It was exhausting.

Harrison: The big sex scene was on the second day of shooting. We had no choice --- it was all or nothing. So we just went for it. It was great. It broke down all the walls.

Q: Do have a sense the show is breaking down walls of gay sexuality on TV?

A: Harrison: We're all aware we're part of something special. There's an amazing feeling on the set. With the type of intimate scenes we have to do, it's a real family here. You feel you can do anything. There's no hesitancy; you never have to be afraid of doing something.

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'Randy Harrison Bares All' from Joey Magazine (Dec 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
'Randy Harrison Bares All' from Joey Magazine
by David Beebe; courtesy of Steve; [published in the Winter 2000 issue]

"You’re always reading about everyone saying that the American version is not going to be as extreme. That’s bullshit, absolute bullshit. It’s going to be just as [extreme], if not more," says Randy Harrison when asked about the amount of sexual content in Showtime’s provocative new series, Queer as Folk. This December, you can see exactly what Randy is talking about as he plays the role of 17-year-old Justin in the edgy series that is filled with boys, sex, parties, clubs, hard bodies, loud music and late nights. Based on the widely popular British series, the story line centers on the everyday lives of seven gay men and women, and is a mature, truthful and often explicit exploration of the gay experience. Randy’s character is often the target of controversy because of his age, and because of the explicit acts that happen in the course of his character discovering his own sexuality.

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Transcript from Showtime Livechat with Randy Harrison (Feb 2001)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK

Transcript from Showtime Livechat with Randy Harrison
courtesy of xof; [from Talkcity Chat February 4th, 2001]

Showtime: Thanks for signing on for our chat with Randy Harrison. Twenty-three year old Randy Harrison plays "Justin," a young man who is in the middle of discovering himself, and who is also hopelessly smitten with "Brian". He is making his television debut in Showtime's "Queer As Folk". Ask Randy about his life before and during QAF. Welcome Randy!
Randy Harrison: Hey everyone! I'm glad to be here.

Lajk: I enjoy the show a lot. My question is --when you first heard of the audition for the show, what was your first thought?
Randy Harrison: My first thought was that I was glad to have an audition!

Rockoff: Randy, how do you like working with Gale Harold?
Randy Harrison: Gale is wonderful to work with.

Johann67: What was the funniest moment for you while making QAF?
Randy Harrison: The funniest moment of making "Queer As Folk" was probably one of our first read-throughs. When we all met one another and first read through the sсript together.

Jase: Are you worried that you'll be in any way 'typecast' after this? What are your future aspirations as an actor?
Randy Harrison: I think doing any series where you are seen as the same character twenty-two hours in a season can make it difficult for an actor to be seen as any other character. However, I also think that it's an amazing opportunity to be able to spend so much time working with good scripts and good directors, and other talented actors. I have no idea what I will do in the future. But, I look forward to seeing what kind of opportunities will present themselves, and am prepared to face whatever challenges playing this role will bring up for me as an actor.

Vanessa666: Hey Randy, How's Life? How has "Queer As Folk" changed your life?
Randy Harrison: My life has changed, in that I've gone from being a broke college student to suddenly being able to support myself. My life has also changed in that I live in Canada, instead of the United States.

TJ: Hi Randy, I was wondering how hard it is for you to do love scenes, especially the real erotic scene in the first episode with Brian.
Randy Harrison: For me, the difficulty of the sex scenes lies primarily in the emotional state of the character at the time. That first sex scene was definitely the most difficult, because Justin is in a place of utter vulnerability, and it was also shot on the third day of shooting before I really knew Gale, and before I was very familiar with the crew.
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перевод - queerasfolk-rus.livejournal.com/97684.html


Next Magazine (nov 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK

'Queer is here!' OUT (dec 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
'Queer is here!' , OUT [published December 1st, 2000]

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список выложенного в хронологическом порядке со ссылками на темы

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK

"1776" The Muny, Reviewed by Denise Hill (summer 1999) - rhintervews.diary.ru/p187252789.htm


'The Queerest Show on Earth' from New York Magazine (Sept 8th 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p148804322.htm (перевод есть)

'Boy Meets Queer World' from TV Guide (November 20th, 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p148807577.htm

'Daring to be Queer as Folk' from The Advocate (November 21st, 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p148806686.htm

'Queer as F*ck' from XY Magazine (Nov 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p148808609.htm

Showing and Telling with Folk Cast (Nov 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p148890002.htm (перевод есть)

Inside Queer as Folk From The Advocate (Nov 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p150597296.htm (перевод есть)

Next Magazine (Nov 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149319071.htm

'Queer is here!' , OUT (December 1st, 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149322485.htm

Spin Magazine, Boy Trouble (Dec 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p152566802.htm

"2 Atlantans Taking a Chance on 'Queer'' The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Dec 2000) -pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p148951163.htm (перевод есть)

TV Guide (dec 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149450030.htm

'Randy Harrison Bares All' from Joey Magazine (Dec 2000) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149038430.htm


Xtra (Jan 11, 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149600495.htm

Q+A's' from Attitude Magazine (Feb 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p151847489.htm

Transcript from Showtime Livechat with Randy Harrison (Feb 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149044943.htm (перевод есть)

A Visit to the QAFolk Set, E-Now (March, 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p151857773.htm

'Randy Harrison makes an impressive debut in Queer as Folk', oasisjournals.com (May 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149794640.htm

Transcript from Showtime Livechat with Randy Harrison (June 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p149596973.htm (перевод есть)

'A Little Randy' from Empire Magazine (Sept 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p150017744.htm

SoGayTV on PrideVision TV (Nov 15, 2001) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p151713233.htm

The Gayest Show on Earth from Fab (Dec 2001 - Jan 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p151304834.htm


Folk Hero, Cincinnati CityBeat (Jan 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p152852318.htm

New Year, New "Queer", ETC (Jan 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p152451890.htm

Transcript from Showtime Livechat with Randy Harrison (Jan 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p153808709.htm (перевод есть)

Starstruck: Randy Harrison, PlanetOut (Jan 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p153133400.htm

La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto (NY Mirror) from the Village Voice (Jan 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p152702183.htm

Out of Character, A&U Magazine (March 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p152995370.htm

The Post-Gay Gay Icon by Simon Dumenco, New York Magazine. (April 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p151884329.htm (перевод есть)

LARRY KING LIVE Interview With Cast of "Queer as Folk" (April 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p152299487.htm (перевод есть)

QSAT: Randy Harrison, PlanetOut (May 10, 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p153416675.htm

'Queer As Folk' star Randy Harrison hits the stage, The Associated Press (May 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p153470279.htm (перевод есть)

Randy Gets Real, The Advocate (Sept. 2002) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p153936188.htm (перевод есть)

Actor says teens should be portrayed with respect, reality (Oct. 2002) - rhintervews.diary.ru/p184918891.htm


The boys are back in town, TV Guide (March 2003) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p154489250.htm

Vanity Fair, GAY-PER-VIEW TV (Dec 2003) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p155579732.htm


"Issues Over the Rainbow". Party 93.1 radio (March 26, 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p166222934.htm (перевод есть)

That’s so ‘Queer’, Express (Apr 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p157444916.htm

Justin time: Randy Harrison discusses the ins and outs of his ‘QAF’ role, twnonline.org (April 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p157611191.htm

Lumino (June 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p156720188.htm

Harrison Gets Wicked in Broadway Debut&, playbill.com (June 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p153306941.htm

Queer As Folk’ star to visit Columbus June 12, outlooknews.com (June 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p157640990.htm

Q&A from sho.com (July 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p163433942.htm (перевод есть)

Queer as Folk confidential, the Advocate (July 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p158221148.htm

'Show has fans from queer and far', Sydney Daily Telegraph (October 2004) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p157640561.htm

DNA, Playing Justin (Nov 2004) - http://pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p158783882.htm (перевод есть)


"QAF" - That's a wrap, from planetout.com [April 5, 2005] - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p166943321.htm (перевод есть)

Season 5 premiere, Out Of The Closet TV (May 2005) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p165787127.htm

Randy Harrison: Beyond QAF from Edge Boston (July 2005) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p168801862.htm

`Equus' star prefers the stage to TV work by Steve Barnes from Times Union (July 2005) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p169189378.htm

Talking about life on stage, on television by Steve Barnes from Times Union (July 2005) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p169189378.htm

'Equus' is tethered to tame production By Michael Eck (July 2005) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p169237192.htm

In the Berkshires, three productions explore life and love with passion. By Ed Siegel from Boston Globe (July 2005) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p169633603.htm

Equus reviews (July 2005) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p170681926.htm


LITTLE BITS: Dance between celebrities has twists and turns (May 2006) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p171974875.htm

`Queer As Folk' Star Randy Harrison Embraces `Amadeus' Role; (june 2006) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p172506052.htm

"Amadeus" reviews - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p173196443.htm


'Randy Harrison's Tennessee Waltz' (Lavender, January 2007) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p173378370.htm

"A Tale of Two Toms" (January 2007) - pay.diary.ru/~RHintervews/p150043472.htm

THE GLASS MENAGERIE, reviews - rhintervews.diary.ru/p176462464.htm

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Reviews. - rhintervews.diary.ru/p185837567.htm


"Randy Harrison Talks About Waiting for Godot" by Larry Murray (July 2008) - rhintervews.diary.ru/p149364827.htm


From the BTF Newsletter. Osvald in Ghosts. (Aug 2009) - rhintervews.diary.ru/p149211842.htm

"Randy Harrison Interview: Ibsen's Ghosts at Berkshire Theatre Festival" by Larry Murray (Aug 2009) - rhintervews.diary.ru/p149212469.htm

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Showtime Livechat with Randy Harrison (June 2001)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
Transcript from Showtime Livechat with Randy Harrison
courtesy Showtime; [from online chat June 03rd, 2001]

перевод на русский queerasfolk-rus.livejournal.com/109561.html

Showtime: Thanks for signing on for our chat with Randy Harrison. Twenty-three year old Randy plays Justin on "Queer As Folk." Randy, a veteran of the stage, has been acting since the age of seven. He recently received his BFA in Theatre from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Randy has also appeared professionally in various theaters throughout the U.S. Some of his favorite performances have been in productions of "Violet," "1776" and "West Side Story." Randy made his television debut in Showtime's "Queer As Folk." He will also be seen in the upcoming Showtime Original Picture "Bang Bang You're Dead." Welcome back to our QAF chats for a second time, Randy. Let's get started!
Randy Harrison: Hey everyone, thanks for coming, thank you for supporting the show!

TIGER DUDE: Hiya Randy. How did you get the part of Justin, and do you do any other type of teen roles?
Randy Harrison: I auditioned for it in New York and got it, and most of the parts I have been playing right now have been teenagers, because I look that age.

Sandra: Hello Randy! How is it being on the show and working with so many talented actors and actress'?
Randy Harrison: The show is an amazing experience for me, and I always have a lot of fun with the other actors.

Cody: What's your favorite episode?
Randy Harrison: Episode 11

Linda: Hi Randy, you and Gale have such awesome chemistry, watching you on screen is a pleasure. I love the way the writers are giving us little tidbits of Brian admitting his love and affection for Justin. I know you guys are good friends but, what gives you that "magic" that you share on screen?
Randy Harrison: Beats me.

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Xtra (Jan 2001)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
Xtra [published in the January 11, 2001]

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"Randy Harrison makes an impressive debut in Queer as Folk" (May 2001)

Randy Harrison makes an impressive debut in Queer as Folk

Posted by Jeff Walsh on oasisjournals.com; May 1, 2001.

In December, Showtime began airing Queer As Folk, a gay soap opera that sparked praise from critics and debate within the gay community. A group of gay men constantly on the prowl, doing drugs, turning tricks, and cracking wise was a horror, according to some people I've talked to. To me, it's just a delicious, decadent soap opera that I wait to see every week.

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"I was just beginning my career, so this is a big, quick jump for me. It's been intense and wonderful," Harrison says. "It was like, 'Wow! I can't even believe I'm auditioning for this.' I actually read the sсript after my first callback. I was being flown to L.A. from New York for the callback and I read the sсript on the plane, and I loved it. I was shocked by it, and that's what impressed me most, because I'm not easily shocked. I was like, 'Wow, if they really have the balls to show this on TV, it's going to be something special.'"

They did and it is, according to Harrison. "I know it's the most popular thing Showtime has. It's a huge hit for them." (The show has also been picked up for a second season, although when that will debut depends on the potential strikes by the writers and actors unions)

Harrison, who seems to be naked in nearly every episode, said he never had any concerns with baring (nearly) all for the cameras.

"I had done a lot of stuff like that on stage before," he says. "I felt it was an important enough piece of television and it was well written enough that it wasn't completely trashy, so I had no problem with it."

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'A Little Randy' from Empire Magazine (Sept 2001)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
'A Little Randy' from Empire Magazine by Steve Greco; courtesy of Pfyre; [published in the Fall 2001 issue]

He won our hearts on Queer As Folk. Then Randy Harrison's Justin got bashed. Who did it? Harrison won't tell. He does talk about his new-found fame, his boyfriend and his new Showtime Original movie, Bang, Bang You're Dead.

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E How do you feel about Justin? In many ways he's the emotional center of the show. He exemplifies the themes of innocence vs.experience and the question of whether love is possible in the modern gay world.
RH I just love him. He's so aware. A lot of times, when I would first read the scripts, especially after Justin started growing into his own, I would want to know why this guy is still with Brian. From the outset it's an abusive relationship. I needed to invest in their relationship not as a sexual thing, but as Justin's genuine love for this man. And out of that, I think, came Justin's wisdom.

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E What about your own first love? Was it anything like Justin and Brian?
RH Oh, no. [Laughs] Not at all.

E Your first time was blissful and idyllic?
RH No, no, no! Is it ever? I mean, no, it was terrible. I never fell in love.

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Randy Harrison and Peter Paige - OUT (dec 2001)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
Out 100 Honorees Randy Harrison and Peter Paige [published 12.2001]

From Queer as Folk stars to New York City firefighters, we give you the greatest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender success stories of 2001.
Story by Jeffrey Epstein
2001 cleanly divided into Before and After September 11, and few of us got through the year without questioning everything about our world and our lives. But in these understandable moments of uncertainty and fear, the accomplishments of the GLBT achievers chosen for this year’s Out 100 provide outstanding examples of people who have embraced freedom and made it matter. And it is perhaps now, even more than Before, that we need our heroes.

Out 100 Honorees Randy Harrison and Peter Paige

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Inside Queer as Folk By Dennis Hensley From The Advocate (Nov 2000)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
(не про рэнди, но из ранних статей и он на обложке есть и внутри)

Inside Queer as Folk By Dennis Hensley From The Advocate [published November 21, 2000]

Перевод! - queerasfolk-rus.livejournal.com/56208.html

Inside Queer as Folk
An exclusive, uncut, and uncensored look behind the scenes on location with Showtime’s big, bad, gay bombshell
By Dennis Hensley
From The Advocate, November 21, 2000.

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More comfortable with that process, it seems, is 22-year-old Randy Harrison, making his TV debut as Justin, who's newly out and just fine with it. "The most challenging scenes aren't the most sexually provocative," shrugs the actor, who landed the part at his professional New York audition. "So far I've done a rimming scene, a hand-job scene, and several sex scenes, and those are easy. It's just moaning and getting in weird positions. The hard scenes are the emotional ones--like there's one in a therapist's office where I say to my mother, `I like dick. I like sucking dick. I like getting fucked by dick, and I'm good at it too.' That was kind of hard."

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тут я слегка не уверена с размещением некоторых материалов... может их копирастность вовсе ликвидировать, или пусть так...

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The Gayest Show on Earth from Fab (Dec 2001 - Jan 2002)

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The Gayest Show on Earth from Fab [20 Dec 2001 - 16 Jan 2002]

The gayest show on earth
The boys are back in town for another steamy season of Queer As Folk
By John Kennedy for Fab Magazine, December 20, 2001

Justin, Brian, Ted and Emmett are gathered around Michael, who is playing pinball inside Woody's, trying to come up with the perfect lesbian wedding gift. A specially engraved dildo, perhaps? Or maybe stemware? "Dildos are stemware," Emmett quips. Suddenly the group is interrupted by a bartender who is about to draw the winning ballot in a raffle for two tickets to the White Party in Miami Beach. "And the luckiest prick in Pittsburgh is..."

Sorry, you will have to wait until Episode 11 of the second season of Queer As Folk to find out who it is.

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Randy Harrison, who plays Justin, says he is acutely aware of his female following. "I think more than half of my fan base is teenaged girls, which is really funny," says Harrison, adding they are likely drawn to the naked guys and soap opera style of QAF. "It's sort of like a romantic fantasy."

Harrison sits down on the designer sofa in Brian's apartment and sips soup from a styrofoam container. Just as cute as he appears on screen, he is less outgoing and much less naíve than his character. Soft-spoken, polite and obviously bright, the Atlanta native strikes you as someone who would rather curl up with a good book than dance the night away at Babylon.

Acting since the age of seven, Harrison has appeared in stage productions all over the US including Grease, Anything Goes and West Side Story. Before landing the QAF role - his first television gig - he received his BFA in theatre from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. He stars in the upcoming TV movie, Bang, Bang, You're Dead.

Hard as it is to believe, Harrison insists his life hasn't changed much since fame hit. "I mean, I still have to budget," he says. "I still pretty much have the same friends I had before and the new friends I have are significant friends, not that kind of superficiality. You're really aware of it. And you're always working so hard that you're prettv much grounded in the work."

Last year, Harrison did only a handful of interviews and he is only now starting to be comfortable talking to the press. Still, he says he rarely reads what is written about him. "Right when it first started happening I was like, 'Wow, I'm in a newspaper' or 'I'm in a magazine' and I read a lot of it," he says. "Now, I ignore it. I just find it weirds you out. It's weird to me to be in a magazine. It's hard to explain but even if it's about you its sort of about an image of you and if you start thinking that that's you, it's warped."

Harrison says he rarely gets recognized in Toronto, although he admits he usually stays pretty close to his home in Little Italy. Those who do recognize him generally don't even know his real name. "I don't necessarily think people are smart enough to differentiate between Justin and Randy, just because half the time when I'm on the street people call me Justin and refuse to accept that I'm not Justin. It's pretty annoying," he admits. A night out at Woody's is unlikely. "No. I mean, I wouldn't go unless it was an appearance because... I mean, it is an appearance if I can't just go. Which is fine because I wouldn't go anyway."

The young actor says he is inspired by the feedback he gets from viewers who talk or write to him. "I think what Justin went through in the first year is such a universal experience. It's not even necessarily gay. Just being introduced to sexualizing yourself and becoming a sexual being and sort of the overwhelming aspect of that and beginning to claim your sexual power and losing yourself in a relationship," he says. "I got a lot of response from that. I lot of young people were really comforted by seeing another person go through that kind of experience."

Harrison knows a lot of people have trouble understanding why Justin is so obsessed with self-centered, arrogant Brian. "When I was given the character of Justin, pretty much the only through line was I'm in love with this guy. Practically every scene that I played was about getting his attention and getting him to love me, for so long," he explains. "The way I view it now... I think he's an asshole. He's so unloveable. But I think that's the reason Justin loves him. I think Brian shows certain aspects of himself only to Justin because of the non-threatening aspects of what Justin was when he initially followed Brian around and I think Justin knows how comforting it is to Brian to be adored for what he is. I think Justin also thinks that were he to go away, Brian - because he's so filled with walls and Justin has gotten down so many - that he would never be able to do that again. So I think he feels an affinity for this man who is really hard to love but who actually is capable of loving him as best he can. I think Justin has learned how to receive the kind of love that Brian's able to give."

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SoGayTV (Nov 2001)

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SoGayTV on PrideVision TV [Nov 15, 2001]

Mathieu: Are you attracted to effeminate gay guys?
Randy: Sure. I am an effeminate gay guy.
Mathieu: [surprised] You are?
Randy: Oh yeah, I can be a big sissy.
Mathieu: Really?
Randy: Yeah.
Mathieu: Why do you think you're a sissy?
Randy: I just queen out sometimes when I get really excited about something. I don't know exactly how to define... I don't know how you differentiate between a non-effeminate gay guy and -- I don't know. It's hard for me to understand, really.
Mathieu: So it's hard for you to understand it, but you are attracted to guys who are feminine?
Randy: I'm attracted to guys who I'm attracted to. It really doesn't matter.
Mathieu: Not if they're girly or not?
Randy: Not really. I would be irritated if I felt like someone was playing into it just for a sense of identity that they didn't have otherwise. But other than that, it doesn't really bother me at all.


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