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Записи с темой: equus (список заголовков)

Equus reviews (July 2005)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
Harrison gallops well
published July 17, 2005
By Jeffrey Borak
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"...reaches such stunning, visceral, and astounding heights..."

July 15, 2005 performance, reviewed by Frances Benn Hall
Equus at Berkshire Theatre Festival
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Peter Shafer's Equus at Berkshire Theatre Festival

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variety.com Equus

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rogovoy.com EQUUS

Main Stage
EQUUS by Peter Shaffer
Directed by Scott Schwartz
July 12-23, 2005

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A CurtainUp Berkshires Review
By Elyse Sommer

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In the Berkshires, three productions explore life and love with passion (July 2005)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
In the Berkshires, three productions explore life and love with passion. By Ed Siegel from Boston Globe [July 21, 2005]

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Randy Harrison, a star of Showtime's ''Queer as Folk," is one of the
primary reasons for BTF's success. As the young man who turns on the
horses he loves, Harrison produces a finely etched portrait of
sublimation. He transfers his passion for Jesus to one for equus and
other sources of ecstasy. What he conveys on an even deeper level is
how innocence can so quickly turn to guilt. His religious mother and
stern father have made stirrings of any sort seem sinful to him.

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'Equus' is tethered to tame production (July 2005)

everybody’s a critic.(c) BK
'Equus' is tethered to tame production By Michael Eck [July 20, 2005]

Special to the Times Union
First published: Wednesday, July 20, 2005

STOCKBRIDGE, MASS. -- Seventeen-year-old Alan Strang has blinded six horses, digging at their eyes with a hoof pick.
It's Dr. Martin Dysart's task to determine why; and beyond that to help exorcise the demons that have driven the boy to such desperate action.
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The physicality of the play belongs to television actor Randy Harrison who plays Strang.

Harrison is simply not ready for the role.

Throughout much of the first act, he is cardboard. He speaks words without portraying them -- and it's folly to attribute that to the fact that his character has shut down.

In the second act -- in which Strang begins to reveal the reasons behind his actions -- Harrison actually seems afraid of the character. He delivers lines as though he is standing beside himself, and his expressions of desire for the young stable girl, Jill Mason, are wooden and unconvincing.

The fact that so much of "Equus" hinges on Strang's tangle with nature, religion and sexuality -- he is the victim of a messy mix of the Bible, western movies, children's books, English socialism and raging hormones -- is mooted by Harrison's lack of a performance.

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Randy Harrison. Interviews.