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Queer as Folk confidential, from the Advocate, By Wenzel Jones [6 July 2004]

Queer as Folk confidential.

In revealing answers to our questions about the first four seasons of Showtime's hit series, QAF cast members and the show’s creators talk about whether they like their characters, what they’d change about the show, and how QAF has changed television forever.

By Wenzel Jones

Randy Harrison

1. What has been the biggest evolution in your character’s personality or life situation since he first appeared?
Finishing puberty, losing his virginity, and leaving home.

2. If your character was a real person, would you be his friend? Why or why not?
It’s difficult for me to imagine Justin as a real person. He’s so thoroughly a character created for serial television that his behavior, though dramatically justified on Queer as Folk, would register as childish, self-obsessed and absurd if it were displaced into the reality I’m familiar with. How could I be friends with someone who has nervous breakdowns at spilled marinara sauce, assaults high school enemies with small firearms, and has been systematically and repeatedly betrayed, lied to, condescended to, and humiliated by his boyfriend for four years? Were I placed into the TV wonderland of Queer as Folk, on the other hand, Justin and I would fuck once, realize we were twins separated at birth, and try to get our parents back together using elaborately quirky schemes. I’d most like to tell Justin to calm down. Maybe get him into a yoga class. read more

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