'Queer As Folk' star Randy Harrison hits the stage
By Mark Kennedy for The Associated Press, May 2002.

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Harrison makes his New York stage debut in "A Letter From Ethel Kennedy", a touching off-Broadway play about a dying playwright reconciling with his parents.

The play gives Harrison, who was raised and trained in the theater, a chance to return to the stage after the success and controversy of his TV show, a sort of gay "Sex in the City".

"It's not like riding a bike," Harrison says of the theater. "It's amazing how quickly it all goes away. It's a totally different kind of energy; it's a totally different process."

Set in a restaurant in the Theater District, the play stars Anita Gillette, Jay Goede and Bernie McInerney. Though Harrison hovers through all three acts -usually botching food orders - he is hardly the star.

"I must tell you this is not 'The Randy Harrison Show'. This is the smallest part,"says Tony Award-winning actress Joanna Gleason, who directs the play.

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