From the BTF Newsletter (Aug 2009)
Randy Harrison
Osvald in Ghosts

Randy Harrison knew he wanted to be an actor from the first time he saw a play. When he was ten he began acting in community theatre and hasn't stopped since. At eighteen he went to the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and received a BFA in theatre. After graduating, he continued his training in New York City over the next five years by taking classes and workshops. He studied with Ron Van Lieu, who now runs the Yale School of Drama, and Siti Company, where he learned Suzuki.

This is Randy's fifth season with BTF. His first show was Equus, back in 2005. "I was going crazy in New York, I was like why am I still in New York; I need to be in the beautiful Berkshires." He enjoys coming back to the Berkshires because he gets to work with familiar faces and friends. In fact, in Ghosts he knew everybody in the cast and had worked with everyone before except one. BTF creates "such an amazing and supportive environment to be an artist in."

Q & A:

~ What is your dream role to play?
I don't have a dream role. I will tell you that the roles I have played here are some of the best that I have ever played. For me it has always been about working on plays by particular writers, more than the roles themselves. I enjoy being able to work on plays by writers that I admire and love. The fact that I have worked on Shaw, Ibsen, and Beckett here is amazing. I do want to play Uncle Vanya when I am an older man, but it isn't something I will play anytime soon.

~Random fact about yourself?
I have been fired from every job besides acting that I have had. I got fired from waiting tables, being a bag boy, temping at a bunch of different companies, and being a caterer. I can't do anything else but act.

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