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"Randy Harrison Talks About Waiting for Godot" (July 2008)

Randy Harrison Talks About Waiting for Godot
Extended Rehearsals Underway at Berkshire Theatre Festival

Posted by Larry Murray on berkshirefinearts.com; July 21, 2008.

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The Interview

LM: Glad to see you back in the Berkshires. How are the rehearsals going?

RH: I've been here for four summers now, and I love it. I feel so lucky to be able to spend time here.

We've had rehearsals underway for two and a half weeks now. I never worked on Beckett before. I love Beckett, so I was really excited to have the opportunity to work on a Beckett play.

LM: Did you bring any Beckett baggage with you?

RH: Nothing much beyond a love of it.

LM: The play can be a daunting challenge.

RH: I didn't feel scared really, I just felt really, really excited about it. There's so much academic stuff, so much to study and think about it, and I just tried to scrape it all away and start fresh.

LM: They say that Bert Lahr (who was in the original Waiting for Godot) didn't understand a line of what he was saying.

RH: I don't think you necessary need to. I just tried to be with the director (Anders Cato) and the sсript as I see it. It grows for me, and I think for all of us, every time we say it out loud. I worked with Anders last year on Mrs. Warren's Profession and it is great to have him at the helm again.

LM: So how did it come to be that you got Lucky?

RH: One day Kate Maguire just asked me on the phone. And I knew she had been thinking about doing it. She just loves Beckett and she managed to get a grant for some extra rehearsal time.

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LM: There are some videos of your performance in Wicked online, one taken from the mezzanine and one from the balcony.

RH: Isn't that illegal, violate copyright rules?
Вот же, блин! Жадины какие. Подумаешь, не законно. А нам тут сиди, помирай от невозможности увидеть все своими глазами. :(

2012-06-30 в 15:59 

enika_benika Жадины какие. Подумаешь, не законно. А нам тут сиди, помирай от невозможности увидеть все своими глазами.
Угумс, согласна, жадины они еще те(((


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