"QAF" -That's a wrap. (April 2005)

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"QAF" -- That's a wrap, from planetout.com [April 5, 2005]

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"QAF" -That's a wrap.

by Charles Kaiser

April 5, 2005

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The boys were equally impressive. Randy Harrison, the blond "Justin" whom Michelle calls "wise beyond his years," was just 22 and right out of college when I first met him -- and he used my first piece about the show in New York magazine to come out publicly. Peter Paige -- "Emmett" -- was the only other openly gay cast member among the original cast members, although Gale Harold -- "Brian" -- is the most gay-friendly straight man I have ever met.
Randy was grateful for the experience: "Under no other circumstance besides this bizarre job would I have had a chance to learn from such extraordinarily artistic and intelligent people," he said.
But after he demanded (and got) a final hug from Sharon Gless, he was ready to move on: "If you sign a five-year contract, no matter how idyllic the situation, after a few years it's going to feel like a prison ... and it's difficult to feel like a puppet whose literal body is used to make other people a lot more money than you, while the negative repercussions of 'your body as product' continue to invade your privacy, your home and mildly corrode your life."
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Спасибо за интересную статью. Тут много информации, которую раньше не встречала.

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